wanderly! was born following my desire for a "short and sweet" site/kennel name.

The name "wanderly" is a nonsense word that my mother and aunt used to always use for someone who was daydreaming/thinking/lacksidasical; ie: "you're looking very wanderly today" / "you have a wanderly look" and is something that I still say from time to time.

I also use it to refer to almost any playstyle I have in any game, be it open-world or otherwise. I don't like linear or forced paths. Thus, with immense fondness, it was the name I decided on for my petz kennel!

as most folks would learn about me very shortly after meeting me online or in person, I'm a huge nerd. Most pets bred here that I retain will have video game or 'fandom' themed names. Any purebred (or otherwise) lines and/or selective breeds of mine will be named in a similar way.

My dream hex to someday complete is a korok.